رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Firefighting In House

Steps to be taken to the amount
In the case of the discovery of a fire house

The home is the place, which brings together members of the family in a wonderful family, but may not happen, God forbid, in this place that disturb the atmosphere of this family of some incidents, such as fire, collapse or other accidents in the home, and civil defense is always keen to raise awareness of the citizen and resident training on how to deal with the incidents, whether domestic or other, we are here and we explain how to communicate and civil defense to deal with the incident: --
1 - get out immediately, with family members and whether there was intensive smoke out of the house requires crawl on hands and knees, and if everyone was in the upper floor and the ground fire in the league is better to resort to the surface and stay there until the termination of the incident.
2 - Contact civil defense at the number 998 and give a clear description of the scene with a note of restraint and calm during the description.
3 - take some action in the case by taking into account the capacity of non-risk and the risk until the arrival of the Civil Defense Corps of the site such as: --
A - the separation of power of the president and the closure of the unequivocal gas traps.
B - the use of hand-Almtefaip available on the site if the fire was limited.
T - the removal of hazardous materials from the scene if possible.
Tue - not to act in the things that could harm others.
With the wishes that God keep everyone from every harm and that makes all the days of joy and pleasure.