رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

The General Department of Fire & Rescue

The General department of Fire & Rescue is related to Assistant Director General of Civil Defense for Operations . It is considered as the supervision of firefighting , rescue and Ambulance operations over all kingdom . Also, It is considered as reference of Civil Defense in regulating the procedures and ways of dealing during accidents conduct that require firefighting, rescue or ambulance operations .

Tasks of The General Department of Fire & Rescue :

1. Preparing developmental and operational plans to achieve the high levels of firefighting , rescue and ambulance operations .
2. Growing and developing the skills of members , groups and organizations in firefighting , rescue and ambulance fields in order to protect from risks .
3. Preparing human and apparatuses support plans between regions and use private teams in support plans .
4. Preparing instructions and regulations that organize and specify the roles and tasks of firefighters and rescuers in responding to accidents according to its nature classifications .
5. Coordinating with Department of Training to hold refresher courses and improve the competence of staff .
6. Determining type and classification of accidents , how to respond , equipment and materials used according to its classification .
7. Supplying and provide apparatus , PPE for personal , and equipment to all fire stations in the kingdom .
8. Needs assessment of stations such as equipment and apparatus according to accidents types .
9. Performance and efficiency monitoring of staff, and provide solutions to any problems or work disruption .
10. Ensuring readiness of firefighters and rescuers to intervene in accidents .
11. Looking for all new equipment and apparatus to keep up with events and industrial, commercial and population expansions with their accidents types .
12. Preparing studies and indicators about accidents, reasons of their spread, besides the way to reduce them .
13. Investigating fire accidents and preparing regulations, manuals, and models for implementation investigation works in regions .
14. Documenting accidents by photo and technical reports .
15. Providing first aid for all civil defense staff while they respond , and support them as necessary with other emergency services in case of emergencies and disasters .