رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Department of Investigation

Definition of Investigation :

     Series of investigator's procedures which are reporting and documenting the accident , to accounting human and material losses , identifying injured and the causes of the accidents, with help from the specialists (investigator's assistants ) .

Investigation Aims :

1) Proofing the accident and identifying their causes through instructions and regulations .
2) Identifying the dead, injured and missing in the accident .
3) Referring injured to health care , issuing initial medical reports on their conditions, following up on their treatment, , and get final medical reports .
4) Accounting human and material losses .
5) Handing accident site to owners .
6) Finishing procedures of private rights .
7) Follow up procedures of public rights .
8) Providing recommendations and lessons learned .
9) Preparing evidence that organize investigation and its procedures .