رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Department of Fire

The main purpose of the General Directorate of Civil Defense is protecting lives and properties . It provides fire services with high performance to achieve highly response rate with trained staff ,the latest apparatus and technical equipment .

Fires types and firefighting methods :

Knowing elements, types and methods of firefighting are important things . Fires may happen in our daily life whether at home or anywhere else . As you are fighting at first moment , the fire can be controlled  and contained .

First : Fire consist of three nature elements :

1) Heat : enough heat to raise the material to its ignition temperature ( Fire Point ) .
2) Oxygen : atmosphere is made up of approximately 21 percent of Oxygen .
3) Fuel or Combustible Material : three sections :
1) Solids Fires ( paper, wood, etc.. )
2) Flammable Liquids Fires ( gasoline, paint and oil ,etc.. )
3) Combustible Gas (Butane, Methane, Acetylene ,etc.. )
4) Chemical chain reaction .

Second : Fires Types :

For each type of fires we use extinguisher :
1) Water extinguishers use for class A .
2) Foam extinguishers use for classes ABK .
3) All types of powder extinguishers can be used for all fire classes ABCDK . Powder extinguishers are recommended for all types of fire which has codes ABCDK . This kind of extinguisher called Dry Chemical Powder .
4) Carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO2) use for fire classes CDK .

Third :  The main techniques used in firefighting :

1) Cooling .
2) Isolation .
3) Break the chemical chain reaction .
4) Saponification : Create a surface of soapy foam .

( all of these techniques are removing one or more legs of " the fire triangle " will cause a fire to be extinguished ) .