رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Martyrs of the civil defense



  The name of the Martyr Rank Cause of accident History
 1  Aid Matar Zaid Almtiri  Soldier   Breakfast’s canon blast in AL Qusayem  13/09/1380
 2  Mounir Marzouk Al Otaibi  Soldier  A fire accident in Riyadh  04/07/1395
 3  Dakhil Bin Abedullah Ktami  Sergeant  A clash during team transition in Khobar  22/5/1397
 4  Ali Sulieman Mohammed Al Labbad  Soldier  A coup during team transition in Kotaif  1399
 5  Mohammed Samhan Al Otaibi  Soldier  Coup car accident during fire in Mecca  17/4/1399
 6  Bassam Abedul Karim Muhanna  Corporal  The fall of the dynamite boxes into the sea in Jeddah  28/6/1399
 7  Bakhit Salim Juhani  Corporal  Fire in Jeddah  13/8/1399
 8  Awad Deguem Awad Al Harby  Soldier  Electrical strike at Al Qusayem  13/10/1399
 9  Massoud Moushkas Al Nofei  Soldier  Fire coup car in Riyadh  13 – 14/11/1399
 10  Isssa Mohammed Misawi Ateef  Soldier  Fire coup car in Riyadh  13 – 14/11/1399
 11  Khatim Abedullah Bakmi  1 Soldier  Fire coup car in Riyadh  13 – 14/11/1399
 12  Hamid Shaye’ Al Qahtani Sergeant  Sergeant  Fire coup car in Riyadh  13 – 14/11/1399
 13  Ibrahim Mohammed Alalehayni  Soldier  Gun shot during the purge of the Grand Mosque from the aggressive category  1/1/1400
 14  Abedulrahman Ebid Ibrahim Khalil  1 Soldier  Died during the struggle against fire in Jeddah  24/1/1400
 15  Karim Wasl Allah Althbyti  Lieutenant  Fire accident in Hey Al Faisaliah  1401
 16  Matouk Mohammed Suliman Onajeryh  Corporal  Fall in the sea during training in Jeddah  27/4/1401
 17  Rashid Al Issa Otaibi  Soldier  Fire accident in Riyadh  1/9/1401
 18  Ahmed Ayed Ahmed Asiri  Soldier  Fire accident in Mecca  2/12/1401
 19  Hassan Ali Hassan Al Qami  Corporal  A fall of a house in Jeddah  23/2/1402
 20  Mohammed Sorour Bahlul Otaibi  Corporal  Accident during rescuing people in the mountain of Al Nour in Mecca  6/3/1402
 21  Khaled Shafi Al Dosari  Sergeant   Management in Riyadh  13/10/1403
 22  Mohammed Fayez Bishi  Sergeant  Fall from the surface on the air pillow  25/5/1406
 23  Ahmed Daifallah Azzurri  Flight Lieutenant  Plane crash in Mecca  28/5/1407
 24  Fahed Hassan Alkhalili  Sergeant  Plane crash in Mecca  28/5/1403
 25   Fahed Mohammed Alawfi  Sergeant  Fire accident in the  Salam Hotel in Madinah  26/11/1407
 26  Ali Abedullah Alzahrani  Sergeant  Sank in the well during a rescue work in Baha  24/1/1408
 27  Ahmed Ali Ismail  Soldier  Fire incident in Dammam  16/8/1408
 28  Majri Jeil Subaie  1 soldier  Congestion during rescuing one of the injured in Rene center in Taaef  18/10/1408
 29  Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Alzubaidi  Soldier  Fell from the fourth floor during fire  5/10/1409
 30  Moubarak Aooich Soliman Juhani  Soldier  A coup accident related to the civil defense in Jeddah  21/4/1410
 31  Mohammed Ali Juma Awad Sergeant  Sergeant   Crash into the ditch  24/12/1410
 32  Zaal Jaza Sayawan Al Harbi  Corporal  A fall in the well in Al Qusayem  14/1/1411
 33  Mohammed Olthman Alzahrani  Sergeant  Electrical shock in Al Baha  17/3/1411
 34  Saeed Ahmed Moushbeb AL Ahmari  Sergeant  Gun shot by mistake during training in Khobar  13/4/1411
 35  Ayad Eden Aljaid  Sergeant  Coup of car accident in Dammam  19/2/1412
 36  Ahmed Attia Alzahrani   Soldier  Coup of car accident in AL Baha  28/2/1412
 37  Fawaz Abed Illah Alabdali  Sergeant  A traffic accident while he was on his way to the maintenance of the Holy City  24/5/1412
 38  Dhiab Al Did Al Otiebi  Corporal  Rescue accident in Riyadh  10/8/1412
 39  Fahed Ayesh Qarni  Soldier  Fire in a gas tanker in Wadi Sule  23/10/1412
 40  Habib Taher Alubare  1 soldier  Fire accident in Menna in Mecca  7/12/1415
 41  Ghnem Ali Alomari  Soldier  Suffocation after a fire accident in Jeddah  11/8/1415
 42  Ali Dakhil Tlhi Corporal  Corporal  Stomping accident during the transition to run over a fire in Jeddah  2/11/1416
 43  Asm Sanad Subaei  Corporal  Fire in Riyadh  7/10/1421
 44  Hamid Al Sahli Faihan  Soldier  Fire in Riyadh  7/10/1421
 45  Yousif Mohammed Ibrahim Al Sheiki  Soldier  Fire in Jeddah  22/10/1421
 46  Kahlid Rasheed Al Orabi Al harthy  Corporal  Coup car in Arafah  6/12/1421