رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

The risk of lightning

Warns the General Directorate of Civil Defense, fellow citizens and residents while watching the clouds and the sound of thunder and see lightning from exposure to the effects of those observations of lightning and rain caused by hazardous and the loss of life or property and this is the risk of lightning in: --

• a person if the strike went over the flat plain or stop in the shallow water at the beach, then the lower body more objects around gives rise to lightning shorter roads to unload the cargo and the open fields or wetlands, swimming pools and the shores of the Sea and the non-protected buildings short and tents is a very serious The trees in the isolated hilltop danger especially as it attracts lightning and the electric current flow in effect on the effects of very strong enough to kill a person standing or sitting at her side is underlain by other sources of danger associated with mineral Balsoaak wire fences along the lists of their wooden Had to find a dry lightning force in the way of metal wires drop to the ground, but if people on this wire will be good for the lightning conductor, either the tremor hit by a sudden movement or a severe enough to eliminate it.
• stresses the General Directorate of Civil Defense, it is not true that lightning does not strike the same place twice as many believe that the injury, but a few of the place of what is considered a warning for a possible recurrence of infection when the lightning blinks between the cloud and the earth move when the time to regain cloud cargo be sent by another flash of lightning to the same part that has been discharged.

• However, there is a need for measures to protect against the risks of: --
1. The search for a safe place as soon as the approaching thunderstorm, and the safe places that can be resorted to when the approach of a thunderstorm, the car or buildings for example.
2. Not to resort to non-protected buildings, trees or on isolated hilltops, or tents or approaching the metal-wire fences.
3. For the protection of buildings and facilities are used (lightning conductors) by the time the electricity supply to the land must also be careful to sit down or get close to trees and high above the roofs of the houses where the head of the sites that it's natural lightning