رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Guidance for the lost flights desert

What do I do if I kept the road in the desert?
• the gravity of the situation depends on a range of conditions and circumstances in the night must be a priority in the search for shelter or a warm place.
• be a priority during the day to search for the road.
• If I thought you lost, and management agreed it well, as you continue in the random walk will be more complicated issue.
• If your map where you got it was clear things.
• you see the highlights on the map Code tried to find on the map, and take you to the most recent (River - a building - a landmark).
• Check the lines on the map to get an idea of a region or the form of land, are often outlined on the maps show Heights
And demonstrate the absence of the plains or curved lines Almqarp curve shows a high or in the Valley.

When there is a map or compass:
Return to the nearest location or a teacher may refer to something unoccupied.
Procedures to be followed to identify your site and Inqazk:
1 - Selection of the site is high and clear vision for easy and stay as possible.
2 - Develop guidance on the ground and your use of stones, trees or anything around you.
3 - in the case move from your guide the direction of your move.
4 - under the provision of technology must take the following precautions:
A - Maintaining a battery of additional mobile.
B - use the GPS coordinates.
T - the use of communication devices Almsrahp (Thuraya).
5 - in the case of the vision of a civil defense near you to use to draw your attention Palmtoffer Kaltloih clothing and use a mirror to reflect sunlight or set fire to identify the site by the smoke.
6 - In case you are trying to change something to keep the content of which is located in your hand to identify where you are.
  What can I do?
• The first thing we must avoid is a drought, when they stay in the car, and if you go to your feet look for shelter or a place or under protect you from the rays of the sun.
• Bastnaa cover your head or the development of the hat for the deployment of more tissue from the shadows, to cover your head and under the back of your neck and the warm rays of the mask to avoid sunstroke.
• your stay in the shadows throughout the day and not move during the night move during the night, if only you knew.
• Atagadr to Keep the car going away from nearby.
• Try drinking or early in the evening, the Otcherb frequently in times of noon, it could lead to excessive sweating, which leads to the body salts lost.
• monitored the movement of animals, insects and birds because they often Mataatjma near water sources or humid places.
• Search for food premises on the green there is a desert plants have edible parts.