رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

The general concepts

1) The concept of relief (Relief):
Immediate Services Group (accommodation - food - clothing - medicine - …) that are provided to those affected by disasters and wars.

2) The concept of evacuation (Evacuation):
Is the transfer of persons from the places that are or were subjected to the dangers of wars, disasters, and various emergencies (natural - Industrial - military ...) to the nearest safe places.

3) The concept of accommodation (Sheltering):
Is providing the affected shelters in safe places where all the necessary supplies necessary are available to sustain life until they return to their original homes after restoring the situation to its normal.

4) The concept of voluntary (Voluntary):
Is a group of human services that are performed by volunteers or donors without having any charge.

5) The concept of restoration (Restoration):
Is to restore the situations to what they were before the disaster as soon as possible, through a comprehensive plan which involves the responsible organs of the State.

6) The concept of warning (Alarm):
Is to inform the population, through the various means of warning about the presence or disappearance of any of the threat sources (natural, industrial, Military) that threaten their lives and properties, and implementing the guidelines and instructions of the Civil Defense in order to take necessary procedures to protect lives, public and private properties, and national wealth.

7) The concept of shelters (Shelters):
They are safe places prepared according to certain basis to protect the public from the dangers of disasters.

8) The concept of disasters (Disasters):
They are unexpected incidents (surprise) that result in the loss of lives and the destruction of the properties, through which the local supplies are unable to face them, which requires international assistant.

9) The concept of Industrial defense (Industrial Safety):
Is a set of preventive procedures that seek to protect all the employees, safety of the industrial facilities, and the stability of its production.

10) The concept of civil protection (Civil Protection):
Is to protect and to help man and properties under all circumstances during the war, unrest, and during calamities.

11) The concept of Civil Defense (CIVIL DEFENCE):
Is a set of necessary procedures and actions to protect the population and public and private properties from the various dangers of fires, disasters, and wars. As well as relieving the victims, ensuring the safety of transportation and communications, operations of the public centers, and protecting of the sources of the national wealth in times of peace and in war.

12) Rescue concept (Rescue):
Is a set of operating procedures that are set to assist persons that are subjected to emergency cases.