رقم الدفاع المدنى 998

Department of fire rescue

The idea of  protection from natural hazards and the dangers of war is old. With the development of human societies, the prosperity of industries and urbanization that accompanied to preserve lives and economy, which leads to establishing a body entrusted with protecting people and their property from dangers.
Department of Civil Protection:
It is one of the departments associated with the Assistant Director-General of Civil Defense for Operations that is concerned with coordinating the efforts of the relevant authorities when dealing with emergencies.
By protecting the lives and properties from natural, industrial, and military dangers, mitigating their consequences, and uniting efforts to preserve public life through setting procedures and appropriate actions.

1. Prepare and implement plans, policies, and programs to apply Civil Defense Rules & Regulations that are related to civil protection tasks.
2. Coordinate conducting scientific and field studies to analyze and identify potential risks with all government institutions and sectors responsible for implementing civil defense tasks.
3. Preparing general plans for intervention in emergencies and crises and following up on preparations and plans efficiency.
4. Take all measured aimed at preventing chemical, radiological, natural hazards, and weapons of mass destruction.
5. Continuous coordination with all ministries and governmental bodies responsible for implementing civil defense tasks to ensure their commitment to the responsibilities assigned to them per Civil Defense Rules & Regulations.
6. Coordinate with relevant authorities to prepare an education and awareness plan for the public  in case of emergencies and wars.
7. Follow-up on issuing, updating, and implementing regulations related to the implementation of Civil Defense tasks..
8. Coordinate with the relevant body to prepare plans and suitable warning system during emergencies and crises.
9. Preparing strategic plans for supplying materials and equipment needed for Civil Defense tasks in emergencies crises, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
10. participate with the General Directorate of Civil Defense's relevant authorities in conducting communication, coordination, and cooperation with international organizations in charge of responding to emergencies and crises.
11. Represent the General Directorate of Civil Defense at periodic meetings of the international Civil Defense Organization and other relevant organizations.

Sub Managements:

Five managements are linked to the department of civil protection, and they are as follows:
1. Planning management for emergencies
It is concerned with preparing general emergency plans, reviewing and updating rules and regulation, and preparing important exercise schedules and drills held annually in the Civil Defense Directorates in the regions and following up on Civil Defense Committees in the regions.
2. Preparedness and response management
Coordinate the efforts of the relevant authority to achieve optimal interaction in providing complete relief for those effected during emergencies and coordinating efforts to restore conductions to what they were after the crises ended.
3. Risk Analysis Management
Identifying and assessing risks to determine probability of their occurrence and identify the procedures required to avoid or mitigate their effects.
4. HazMat Units Management:
Supervise Intervention Units during hazardous materials incidents  in Civil Defense Directorate in the regions in terms of following up on their training, equipment, and assessing their readiness when responding to such incident. 
5. Warning & Direction Management:
It is concerned with planning the deployment of warning systems and establishing general standards for them.